Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parrot Story

Parrot breeding is one of a million and interesting hobby that many people desire. Like me, I am a hobbyist whom I engaged in the field of birds that I really love and enjoy. I am very glad that in many years of trial and failure in the hobby that I choose which is breeding different kinds of bird. There are many things that I experienced and learned in breeding birds. There are two things that I encountered bad and good things. At first, entertaining is my target but in the days, weeks, months and years pass, there are many things that I discovered and make up in my mind that I really enjoy this kind of hobby. After that, it became business. Should I call it hobby or profession? Maybe I should call it profession because in my years of breeding birds I spent most of my time taking care of them, many nights I didn’t go to sleep to make sure of their safety, doing the night work looking for them time to time. Regular checking of the babies most especially when there are many chicks to feed. Way back in the beginning, I got a pair of parakeets that my mom gave to. I have no idea how to take care of those birds. Suddenly they died in some reason. I don’t know how they died and the cause of their death because I am not aware in caring them. I really love birds.

Parrots usually need toys most especially young parrots. In breeding parrots or keeping this intelligent bird you must know how to deal with them or how to bond with them. They need time to play just like our kids and they need to play not just for fun but they play for exercise. Birds also need exercise just like ours. To make them fit not to make them fat. Fat birds are easy to die and they are not reproductive in other way of saying they are not fit well. Like human being fat people prone to heart attack and high blood diseases. Some times fat people cannot produce babies same as in birds. That is why they need to play and exercise. They need toys and other things to play too.

There are many different types of bird toys that are easy to find in your local pet stores. If you are buying bird toys look for the toys that will fit to your bird. First step you have to do or know the kind of bird that you are keeping. This is very important in buying bird toys. You cannot give small toy to the big species of birds it is very hazardous to them is just because it is possible them to choke the small parts of the small toys. Same thing with the small birds they cannot enjoy the big toys because it is big. Maybe they cannot afford to gnaw it or they cannot even to move it because is it very big and heavy.
Secondly, choosing the right materials of bird toys is also important. Sharp pointed steel toys can harm your bird; small parts can also harm them if they swallow it, rusty materials can also cause of ill ness and sudden death, painted toys can also harm your birds and cause by death.

Parrot toys are easy to find in your local pet store or you can make by your own choice. Making Toys for them are full of enjoyment and in the same time exiting. Like me, I make my own toys for my birds. Yes it is possible, for small birds like parakeets or budgies you can offer them parakeet toys like shinny and bright things, bells, small wooden blocks, small wooden ladders, mirrors, or you can think any things that can catch their attention. In parrots you can offer a multiple layer wooden ladder, wooden blocks, they also love balls and bells. You can offer them wooden perch or twigs to play with and in the same time exercising their beaks. You can think more but be careful of the materials that you are choosing in making bird toys. Think first of their safety.