Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Parakeet Breeding

Parakeets are wonderful pets and very easy to breed and take care. These amazing and beautiful little parrots are quite simple creatures and they have the ability to talk and repeat many different sounds. Keeping them as a companion is one of the benefits that the owner got to them and entertaining also. Entertaining the owner is quite good and in return they have treats to be given. Not only entertaining of their owner are being benefits because you can make money in keeping parakeets most especially in breeding parakeets. You can sell them and make profitable business.
There are many methods in parakeet breeding that are proven. Some breeders kept them for business like me first I am a pet lover but when years pass I decided to put into bird business. In my little knowledge and being experience in almost ten years of handling and breeding birds like bird pigeon, parakeets, love birds, cockatiels and finches. In my first year in bird business I encounter lots of problems like pest, rodents and diseases. In dealing with pest it is too hard because lots of my breeding pairs are infested. All of my babies are having diseases, mites, and other fungal and respiratory diseases. Also dealing with rodents is very and expensive to deal off. Rodents are very easy to spread and very easy to multiply. Like many other breeders I have to give up my other birds to safe many parakeets all the parakeets that are infested and having a disease I burned them to make sure the bacteria is control it’s hard for me because each of them I consider one of my brother and sister. When all the rodents’ pest and diseases are gone one big problem came to me and loose all my breeding pairs of parakeets, in our village pigeons are having and increasing they population and they carrying diseases so each pair of my parakeets died lots of money and lots of birds I loose. Pigeon are all over our villages so we the residents and government and non government take action of our problems, we need pigeon pest controls. So in the end all of the unvisited guests are all gone so I decided to put back my business. I clean and sanitized all my equipments and facilities even food utensils, nest boxes, wooden perch and cages are all cleaned up.
After sanitizing I went to my friends that are having with the same business I bought some of their baby birds and start again my business. Parakeets breeding is my master piece and hobby but now hobby and business, I loved birds so much!