Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Breed Parakeets?

How to breed parakeets? Is there any secret in breeding parakeets? Why should many hobbyists engage to this kind of hobby? Is it true it can be a good source of income? Well, these particular questions have a certain answer. Let me share my own experience in breeding parakeets. There are things about these lovable pet birds that you need to know and learn.
Parakeets are native birds and originated in the land of the kangaroo which is also known as Australia. These beautiful birds live in the wild forest and build their nest. Basically, they are seed eating birds and some times they need to eat mud or sand to help their digestive system work. When the years pass, some people kept these cute and little parakeets to become their companion or one of the family members. They discover that parakeets are intelligent and easy to breed. So, they decided to breed them in captivity. Captive breed parakeets are smaller compare to the birds that live in the wild. Generally, people kept them to breed and to become a hobby and in the same time business. Parakeet breeding and selling is a good source of income. Entertainment is the only thing that comes to my mind to have my pair of parakeets. First pair I bought in a local pet store died in some reason. In my mind, how come they died quickly? What is the reason and why? So I decided to th my interest of breeding parakeets